Bayonne, New Jersey

I live in Bayonne NJ. I am a regular at the Exxon on Ave E and 21street.

For the last month, I have entered The Exxon Store and noticed that there is no air conditioner at all. It has been really humid and at times in the 90s degree weather. I noticed that the chocolate candy they have stocked are melting, As well as other things that are not supposed to be melting that comtains chocolate such as cookies, etc. The workers are sweating every where because it is ridiculously hot in the store.

and when questioning the Manager or his son about the situation their response is "oh it will be fixed on monday, then on friday, then on another day and so forth. They keep the chocolate bars in racks instead of putting them in the fridge. There is no fan to at least assist the workers who have to work in there. Even with the door open you are still sweating without even moving.

I feel bad for these workers and it makes me mad that this manager could careless about his coworkers health. Literally its so hot in there it feels like when you get into your car and its beaming hot because the sun was beaming down on it. What manager lets his workers work in this condition.

And then hes selling melting items that are already damaged from the heat. Something needs to be done to get this manager to fix the air conditioner!

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